Rick Manley

Director of Irrigation:

Rick started in the irrigation industry in 1985. With careers in distribution, contracting and as an independent consultant his main focus has been on education and design development. Throughout his years he’s worked with some of the top industry professionals in developing new standards and practices to promote the irrigation industry and effective use of water.

At Juniper his duties include overseeing all aspects of the irrigation division including design, production, sales and estimation. His credentials include not only certifications from all major irrigation manufacturers on products and central control but he is one of a select few that has obtained the state irrigation license for Florida. Rick is a certified irrigation designer with the IA and was on the board of governors that developed the testing program over 20 years ago. He’s designed irrigation for championship golf courses, large institutions and enormous CDD’s. Rick is also currently the acting President of the Florida Irrigation Society SW Chapter.

In his off time Rick competes in professional bass tournaments throughout the state.